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REINZ designations

Identifying a REINZ member

REINZ supports over 17,000 real estate professionals across New Zealand – from Cape Reinga to the Bluff. All REINZ members hold themselves to the highest standards. When dealing with a REINZ member, you know you’re working with a trained and trusted professional.

MREINZ designates an Agency is a member of REINZ and may be used by an Agency or Company, not by an individual.

MREINZ has been granted by the Institute for over 100 years.

Individual REINZ designations

MREINZ lets you know an Agency or Company is a REINZ member. REINZ also awards Individual Membership to those who have made a significant contribution to the real estate profession and the Institute. These are:

AREINZ identifies an Associate member.
FREINZ identifies a Fellow member.
REINZ Life Member identifies a Life Member.
REINZ Retired Member identifies a Retired Member.
REINZ Honorary Retired Member identifies a Honorary Retired.

Individual membership

Residential property management accreditation

Accreditation is a point of difference between REINZ accredited members and independent property managers, marking exceptional skills, knowledge, and professionalism.

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Use of REINZ logo

The REINZ logo should have a margin of clear space on all sides around it equal to half of the letter 'Z' in REINZ. No other elements can appear in this clear space. This same technique should be applied to all REINZ logos. 

Logo artwork must be uniformly scaled with the right amount of white space around. See below some examples of successful logo use.


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Use of REINZ designations

Our members are proud to have the REINZ acronym next to their name. We encourage you to use the designations where possible, as a privilege of membership.

Please note: No REINZ designations or logos may be used by any entity or individual who is not a member of REINZ. REINZ is the legal name of the Real Estate Institute and may not be used as a designation of its own accord. No REINZ designation may be used upon termination, expiry or resignation of members.

Using ‘MREINZ’

MREINZ designates an Agency that is a member of REINZ and may be used by an Agency, Business Broker and Property Management members in letters after their company name.

Salespeople may not use the MREINZ designation, nor may Associate Members.

An Agency Member may use the term MREINZ on marketing material used by salespeople provided the term is used in connection with the agency name and not the name of such individual and it is otherwise clear that it is the agency that holds the MREINZ membership and not the salesperson.

Example of proper use:

S.S. Smith

Sales Agent, Phone

ABC Real Estate Company, MREINZ

Address, City, Postcode

Using individual designations: AREINZ, or FREINZ

Individuals who have been granted the status by the Board may use the following designations:

AREINZ – for an Associate Member

FREINZ – for a Fellow Member

REINZ Life Member – for a Life Member (after AREINZ or FREINZ)

REINZ Retired Member – for a Retired Member (after AREINZ or FREINZ)

REINZ Honorary Retired Member – for an Honorary Retired member (after AREINZ or FREINZ)

Examples of proper use:

Joe Blogs, AREINZ

Joe Blogs, FREINZ

Joe Blogs, FREINZ Life Member

Joe Blogs, REINZ Life Member