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REINZ Advocacy Update

10 June 2024

The advocacy space is buzzing with excitement as a wave of reforms is moving through Parliament, targeting both new and existing laws that the coalition government aims to reshape. Advocacy is all about influence, and we are dedicated to building strong, impactful relationships with key players like Ministers and Government departments such as HUD, MBIE, REA, MoJ, and DIA.

On 29 May, Jen Baird, Chief Executive of REINZ, and Melisa Beight, General Counsel of REINZ, were invited to meet with Minister Nicole McKee [Minister for Courts and the Associate Minister of Justice (Firearms)] in Wellington to discuss AML reform. Minister McKee was warm and engaged. She thanked you, the real estate profession, for your diligence. In the financial year ending 2021, 100 properties totalling NZD 73.7 million were seized by NZ Police. Your diligence does make a difference. AML is one of REINZ’s key focus areas, and we want to see AML reform that is risk-based and proportionate. We are engaging closely with MoJ and DIA on this.

The following day, Minister Nicola Grigg [Minister of State for Trade, Minister for Women, and Associate Minister of Agriculture (Horticulture)] was very well received at our Christchurch Rural Seminar. Minister Grigg wanted members to know this government wants to restore confidence in the rural sector. She acknowledged the need for offshore investment and talked about upcoming reform impacting the rural sector. 

On 6 June, Minister Chris Bishop [MP for Hutt South, Minister of Housing, Infrastructure, RMA Reform, Sport and Recreation, Leader of the House, Associate Finance Minister] visited the REINZ office to meet with Jen and Melisa. They had a great meeting, canvassing a broad range of issues. Jen and Melisa reiterated our disappointment in the government’s decision not to proceed with the Residential Property Managers Bill. REINZ will continue to advocate for property management regulation in New Zealand. Minister Chris Bishop will be presenting at the REINZ Commercial & Industrial Sector Breakfast in Auckland on 4 July.

Looking ahead, we are set to meet with Minister Simeon Brown [Minister for Energy, Minister of Local Government, Minister of Transport, Minister for Auckland and Deputy Leader of the House] on 15 August in Auckland.
REINZ remains deeply committed to influencing reform impacting real estate professionals, ensuring a level of compliance which is reasonably necessary to protect consumers but not unnecessarily burdensome.