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Residential Property Management

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Whether you’re just starting out in your RPM career or a seasoned veteran, REINZ will equip you with the knowledge and skills to excel – both now and in future.

Residential property managers play an incredibly important role in helping tenants and landlords across New Zealand. There are around 1.4 million tenants in approximately 600,000 households in NZ, and residential property managers manage approximately 40% of all privately owned rental properties. Property managers across NZ collect millions of dollars from renters each week and manage hundreds of millions of dollars of landlords' assets.

Residential property management (RPM) is a complex area and continues to grow in complexity. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a raft of changes to legislation within the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act, Healthy Homes legislation, changes to the Privacy Act and Health and Safety at Work Act, and more. With environmental challenges such as severe weather events adding further to the challenges in this area, it’s clear that this is a profession that New Zealanders have come to rely on.

Becoming a REINZ member

REINZ was established over 100 years ago, and our mission today is that same as it was when we first started: to deliver a world class industry and foster professionalism. We support over 17,000 NZ real estate professionals in all sectors, including residential property management. You’ll be joining the biggest network of real estate professionals in New Zealand.

Residential property managers don’t need to be a licensed real estate agent, or part of a licensed agency, to become a member. So long as you meet the criteria for being an RPM member, you can apply to join.

The benefits

We offer services, products, tools, training, and advice to help RPM professionals navigate day-to-day work and be prepared for the future, including:

  • Free access to our Rental Smarts appraisal tool, so you can create up-to-the-minute rental appraisals to deliver quality information to your clients.
  • A wide selection of best practice guides, info sheets, templates, webinars, and reports.
  • Industry forms, such as forms for Residential Tenancy Agreement and Leasing Agreement and residential property management authority.
  • Advisory services on regulatory requirements or possible regulatory changes. With a number of laws relating to RPM, and proposed legislation in the pipeline to regulate residential property managers in NZ, it’s vital that RPM managers understand what this means for them and how they can ensure they meet all legal requirements.
  • Advocacy on behalf of members to law makers and policy makers.
  • Updates on Tenancy Tribunal decisions and other RPM-related topics.
  • Connect with your community at exclusive member networking events held around New Zealand.
  • REINZ Property Management Accreditation – a mark of quality that recognises your skill and competence as a property manager.
  • Educational courses, for example:
    • A Beginner’s Guide to Residential Property Management – getting the basics right, practicalities of property management, and understanding regulation.
    • NZ Certificate in Residential Property Management (Level 4) – a professional qualification that’s a key step towards REINZ property management accreditation, covering your obligations and responsibilities as a property manager, and ensuring your team is up to industry standards.
    • Multiple free online courses covering a range of RPM-specific topics, that count towards your CPD hours, professional development training and can be used towards the REINZ Property Manager Accreditation.
  • Exclusive member pricing: many of the benefits are included at no further charge in your membership fee, but where fees are charged – for example for certain education courses – members receive a significant discount.
  • The REINZ Member Benefits Programme, with a range of offers and discounts through partner companies to support you in your personal and professional life.


How much does it cost?


Monthly Cost (Ex GST)

Annual Cost (Ex GST)

Sales Office (Including mixed property management/business brokers)

Flat Fee for first ownership office or single agency



Flat Fee for any subsequent or branch office attached, or for sales, property managers, or management staff



Flat Fee for trainee salesperson



Flat Fee for support staff



Property management office

Flat Fee for first ownership office or single agency



Flat Fee for any subsequent or branch office attached, or for property managers or management staff



Flat Fee for support staff



Property management office — small business with 7 or fewer property managers


$370 per Property Manager

Property management small business - office support (max of 2)





  • These prices are subject to terms and conditions and membership acknowledges acceptance of the membership rules. Statistics access is dependent on and subject to the Stats User Agreement. Copies of these documents are available separately and are subject to change without notice.
  • Pro-rata Membership Fees: The REINZ membership year runs from 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2025. Pro rata fees are payable for new offices and any additional staff added over and above the total paid for by the agency at the commencement.
  • The fee paid for each individual is not refundable but is transferable within the office – e.g., if you pay for 10 people at the start of the year, three leave and are replaced by new people, you don’t have to pay again for the three replacements. As a result, however, an individual leaving the office ceases to have access to REINZ services.


What's included in my membership?



Advisory Resources

Member Pricing

Website Access

Statistics including Rental Smarts

E Forms - Res Tenancy

E Forms - Lease, Assign & Sublease

E Forms S&Ps,

Auction & Tender



Sales office (Including mixed property management/ business brokers), including any subsequent office or branch










Sales, property managers, or management staff



Trainee salesperson





Support staff



Property management office




Any subsequent or branch office attached




Property managers or management staff





Support staff





Property management office – small business with 7 or fewer property managers





Office support (max of 2)





Individual members










AREINZ / FREINZ not employed at member agency













Hon Retired (subject to rules of REINZ)







Life Members







Proposed legislation to regulate NZ property managers

Proposed legislation to regulate residential property managers in New Zealand was introduced in Parliament in August 2023. This bill establishes a regulatory regime designed to improve the provision of residential property management services in New Zealand, by:

  • establishing minimum entry requirements for residential property managers, with a tiered licensing system
  • ensuring residential property managers meet professional standards of practice, and
  • establishing a complaints and disciplinary process that applies to residential property managers.

Under this proposed legislation, property management companies will be required to hold appropriate insurance, to provide important protection both for landlords and tenants. In addition, property management organisations will be required to operate a trust account which may be audited by the REA, which can appoint a qualified auditor to do so. This is to ensure all funds received on behalf of a client or tenant are secure and will not be misappropriated.

REINZ strongly supports the regulation of residential property managers. We know renters want greater security and we believe that having a set of standards for the profession will give much needed assurance to tenants and landlords that their licensed property manager has the requisite skills, training and expertise.

REINZ will continue to advocate for the speedy progress of this legislation and will keep RPM members updated on progress. If this becomes legislation, we’ll also help RPM members navigate any changes they need to make, to meet the new requirements.

Member Code of Practice

REINZ represents real estate and property management professionals across New Zealand. Our members are committed to delivering the best possible services and upholding the highest standards of practice that are open, ethical, and honest.

REINZ members agree to support this objective by abiding by the REINZ principles in all their dealings with clients, customers, other REINZ Members and members of the industry. This includes following REINZ Codes of Practice as a condition of their membership. All REINZ RPM members must follow the RPM Code of Practice.

Note – REINZ is not the industry regulator. Our members must abide by the rules set out by the REA and the Residential Tenancies Act.