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Statistics Portal

Enriched data

Thirty years of historic sales figures. We combine the most up-to-date sales data provided by REINZ members with data from trusted sources and organisations across New Zealand.

The REINZ Statistics Portal is built on rich data sets to give you the clearest picture possible of what’s happening in the New Zealand property market.

Self service

  • Define areas of interest on the interactive map
  • Search for the latest sales in your defined area
  • Visually compare suburbs with sales statistics, market trends, census and school zone information
  • View House Price Index reports
  • Export datasets for clients or stakeholders.

Available to REINZ Agency members

The REINZ Statistics Portal is available to Residential Sales & Property Mangement Agency members. REINZ is the leading source of proprietary unconditional sales, giving you the edge.

Create market intelligence report to delve into the data and better understand property market trends.


Access Statistics Portal

Non-member subscriptions

Parts of the REINZ Statistics Portal can be accessed via tailored packages.

Have a chat to our team about your business or reporting needs, and we can provide access to relevant areas of the portal or customise reports to save you time and money.

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The REINZ House Price Index

Historical REINZ House Price Index (HPI) data can be accessed via the Statistics Portal.

The REINZ HPI was developed in partnership with the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, to provide a level of detail and understanding of the true movements of housing values over time.

As well as real estate professionals, the REINZ HPI is also used extensively by major banks, economists and commentators.

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Helpful hints for using the Statistics Platform

Help – I can’t log in

Make sure you are using your REINZ ID number and password to log into the Statistics Platform.

If you still cannot log in, click ‘Forgot Password’ and follow the prompts.

What do most sales agents use the portal for?

Most sales professionals use the Statistics Portal day-to-day for information on an individual property or to look up area / location level insights and trends. They then generate branded, customised reports.

They might view valuation data, property info, listing descriptions and look at sales history.

Location data points can show median sales price, median days to sell at suburb level, or custom area level.

Do you report on the Rural and Lifestyle real estate market?

REINZ is the only organisation which regularly reports on both Rural and Lifestyle market conditions, drawing on 30 years of rural sales data, sourced from Rural Sales Agents.

REINZ members can access this data inside the secure Statistics Platform.

Non-members can view our regular insights and analysis on these segments here – or contact the REINZ data team  for any specialist data or reporting requirements.

I need one-off property / real estate data, but I don’t want to use the Statistics Platform

Our team of property data experts can generate bespoke reports and property analysis based on your business or client needs, utilising REINZ proprietary data (and we can even integrate your own custom data).

Get in touch with our data consulting and business intelligence team and discuss your needs with us.

Can you explain your definitions of ‘boundaries’? 




New Zealand Ex-Auckland

Due to demand from our members and because of our new boundaries, we have been able to create a NZ ex-Auckland calculation. This provides all REINZ report information for New Zealand, if we remove the Auckland Council from the calculations.



Created in conjunction with the Reserve Bank, this is a combination of council boundaries joined together. Although not identical to Regional Councils they keep a similar boundary.


Territorial Authority (council)

The council boundaries of New Zealand, totalling 67 for both city and district councils. In the case of the Auckland Supercity, we also provide the historical council boundaries of North Shore City, Manukau etc.

South Taranaki District


Often called electorates, council wards are smaller boundaries within larger demographic authority areas. Not all councils have wards, it is predominantly based on governance lines.

Orakei Ward, Auckland


New Zealand has no official suburb boundary, with different sources drawing different lines on a map. REINZ has standardised around the address file suburbs, which are based almost exclusively on the New Zealand Emergency Services suburbs.

Avonhead, Christchurch