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2024 Verifiable CPD Package 5

2024 Verifiable CPD Package 5

This verifiable package includes the following topics:

Total of 10 verifiable CPD hours

 Dealing with customers and clients fairly (mandatory)  1 hour
 Managing your license and regulatory obligations (mandatory)  1 hour
 Know The Property  2 hour
 Disclosure: obligations to your client and customer  2 hours
 Legal Ownership and Tenure (title)  2 hours
 Buyer Experience  2 hours

Important - Please read:

Accessing and Launching the Course:

  • After registering and purchasing the course, you can access your course by going to your Learning Hub (you can find this under ‘Education & events’ tab on the REINZ website).
  • Once in the Learning Hub, click on ‘View My Courses, here you can find all of the online courses you have in progress or not started.

Progress Tracking:

  • Your progress is automatically saved. You can pause and resume whenever it suits you.

Completion Requirements:

  • Ensure you finish all questions and activities within the online course to be marked as completed. Complete all modules online for the overall course completion.

Recording Completion:

  • After finishing a topic, wait for up to 12 hours for the completion to be added to your CPD logbook.
  • Your completion will be reported to the REA (Real Estate Authority) on the 10th of each month.

Verifiable Training Certificate:

  • Once you've completed all 10 hours with REINZ, you can download your Verifiable Training Certificate. You can download this in your profile under 'My CPD' on the REINZ website.

Overview of topics:

Dealing with customers and clients fairly (mandatory)
  • why fairness is important in the real estate context;
  • the concepts of diversity, equity, equality and inclusion;
  • diversity in Aotearoa New Zealand;
  • how to treat clients and customers from diverse backgrounds fairly;
  • the types of complaints and enquiries made to REA alleging unfair conduct.
Managing your license and regulatory obligations (mandatory)
  • understand their regulatory compliance requirements;
  • understand the meaning of fit and proper (Fit and Proper guidelines);
  • know how to meet licensing obligations under the REAA 2008;
  • know how to meet CPD requirements;
  • understand the principles of real estate agency work;
  • know how to raise concerns about unlicensed trading;
  • understand conflict of interest and how it applies;
  • know when to report misconduct;
  • understand brands and marketing requirements;
  • understand REA’s role.
Know The Property
  • explain the research required on a property at listing time
  • explain the key focus when asking questions of the seller at listing time
  • explain the implications of having insufficient knowledge about a property for the appraisal, listing and marketing stages
  • explain the implications of having insufficient knowledge about a property in relation to disclosure obligations.
Disclosure: obligations to your client and customer
  • explain the meaning of disclosure;
  • describe key legislation and rules related to disclosure;
  • explain requirements for consent to disclosure from client-vendor/lessor;
  • explain disclosure obligations in conflict of interest situations;
  • explain requirements for disclosure of material facts to customers;
  • explain disclosure requirements related to methamphetamine contamination; and
  • describe key ‘red flags’ indicating a possible problem that may require disclosure.
Legal ownership and tenure (title)
  • explain what essential documents are and where to find them
  • explain the key elements found on a record of title
  • explain the different types of legal tenure.
Buyer Experience
  • explain the different buyer groups and their key challenges
  • explain the role of the licensee in dealing with buyers and sellers
  • explain tools available to help consumers through the home buying process
  • explain the key stages of the home buying process from the perspective of the buyer and the associated role of the licensee.
Friday, 01 March 2024 to
Tuesday, 31 December 2024
9:00 am
Member: $170.00; Non-member: $205.00
10 Verifiable CPD Hours