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GoodYarn Workshop | 2024

GoodYarn Workshop | 2024

Let’s get talking about mental health, together.

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Course information

The ‘GoodYarn’ programme has been designed to deliver practical mental health and wellbeing resources specifically for the workplace. These can be held in the office or our events space, REINZ Centre of Excellence.

The programme is based upon the premise that the first step in addressing mental health and wellbeing is being able to talk about it. The goal is to remove the stigma around mental health and enhance participants' understanding of mental health and the benefits of taking a proactive approach to managing their mental well-being.

 The programme has three key aims and evaluation indicators:

  1. Increase awareness of signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses;
  2. Build confidence in starting a conversation where employees are concerned; and
  3. Improve knowledge of where and how to get help.

The key point of difference between this program compared to others is the peer-to-peer delivery model.

There is good evidence that peer-to-peer delivery gives better mental health literacy outcomes than workshops led by expert or external facilitators. In-house facilitators have a vested interest in the culture of their organisations and they are around long after the workshop has been delivered.

Specifically, the benefits of using a peer delivery model are:

  • It demystifies mental health – if they can talk about it then I can too!
  • It gives legitimacy to the idea that you don’t need to be an expert to talk about mental health;
  • It immediately creates trust and rapport between the facilitator and audience;
  • It allows the facilitator to use language, situations, anecdotes etc., that are meaningful for the participants;
  • It allows the organisation to tailor their delivery to their workforce, meaning that the programme can be equally relevant to all different workers doing different types of work;
  • It builds capacity and skills in individuals and organisations. Many facilitators have identified that delivering GoodYarn has been an extremely rewarding and empowering experience – especially for those who have lived with mental illness themselves; and
  • It is more cost-effective and sustainable.

Programme feedback

From the 13,000+ people who have participated in the programme to date, feedback has been:

  • It is helping them create a more caring workplace culture;
  • It provides personal development to staff;
  • It helps staff to keep themselves well; and
  • It is helping them create a sense of contribution and collaboration
  • 96% of workshop participants said they would recommend the workshop to others and the most educational/valuable topics are deemed to be:
    • Recognising signs and symptoms of stress and mental health problems
    • Suicide prevention awareness
    • Influences on mental health.

Results against the 3 learning outcomes of the programme showed the following:

  • 99% of workshop participants showed good improvement in awareness of mental health and wellbeing issues.
  • 98% of workshop participants showed good improvement in confidence to start a conversation with someone whose mental health they were concerned about.
  • 98% of workshop participants showed good improvement in knowledge of how and where to get help from mental health support services.


Jo Rae (REINZ Head of Property Management)

Joanne Rae has worked in every role of the property management profession over the past 30 years. This includes starting up and owning two successful property management businesses spanning 28 years, in central Auckland.

She holds an Agent’s Licence and has been an AREINZ (Associate) member of REINZ since 1993.

Jo works as a Senior Consultant to REINZ in the property management profession. Her role includes keeping abreast of all the latest legislation (including the Residential Tenancies Act), keeping members informed of industry changes, and further developing REINZ’s educational offering to Property Management Members.

Additional details

  • maximum of 20 attendees
  • can be held in-house (REINZ Centre of Excellence) or in the comfort of your office space
  • for pricing and group bookings, please contact [email protected]

CPD hours

2.5 non-verifiable hours