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REINZ Awards for Excellence 2024

REINZ Awards for Excellence 2024

The REINZ Awards for Excellence returns on Tuesday 13 August 2024 at the Cordis Hotel, Auckland.

Celebrate real estate as we recognize and applaud the outstanding achievements of New Zealand's excellence.
The REINZ Awards for Excellence the most prestigious industry awards event for real estate in New Zealand. Being nominated in one of the 45 categories is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your achievements and stand out in the industry.


Nominations open on Monday 1 April 2024 so start preparing your nomination now to highlight your/your teams contributions and excellence in your respective category. 

Here are a few tips to get ready for the nominations:

Review Categories: Take a close look at the 45 categories available and choose the one(s) that best align with your achievements and contributions in the real estate sector.

Prepare Supporting Materials: Gather all necessary documentation, testimonials, and evidence to support your nomination. This may include data on successful transactions, client testimonials, innovative strategies, and any other relevant information that showcases your excellence.

Craft a Compelling Nomination: Clearly articulate your achievements and why you deserve recognition in your chosen category. Be concise, specific, and highlight the impact of your work on the real estate industry.

Check Submission Guidelines: Ensure that you follow all submission guidelines provided by REINZ. This may include formatting requirements, word limits, and any other specific instructions for the nomination process.

Deadline Awareness: Be mindful of the submission deadline Monday 1 July 2024 and make sure to submit your nomination before the cutoff date.

Promote Your Nomination: Consider promoting your nomination on social media and within your professional network. This can help generate awareness and support for your candidacy.

Good luck preparing your nomination for the launch on Monday 1 April 2024! May it lead to well-deserved recognition for your excellence in the real estate field. 

Nomination details: 

Award eligibility period: 1 April 2023 - 31 March 2024
Entries open on Monday 1 April 2024, 9:00am (NZT)
Entries close on 1 July 2024, 5:00pm (NZT)
There will be no extensions on this date.
Terms and Conditions for the REINZ Awards for Excellence 2024

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Cordis, Auckland
83 Symonds Street
Grafton, Auckland 1010

Tuesday, 13 August 2024
5:30 pm to 11:00 pm
$280.00 - $2750.00
Cordis Hotel
83 Symonds Street
Auckland 1010