The REINZ Advisory Service is a key benefit of being a member of REINZ.


The resources library is a knowledge hub that provides members with a range of information, guides and templates to help you understand the compliance and legal aspects of real estate practice. Resources are reviewed regularly to ensure they contain up to date information that is consistent with the latest legislation and cases.

Please note that the REINZ Advisory Service is unable to:

  1. Provide advice on matters arising between you and your agency;
  2. Provide advice on personal matters;
  3. Draft clauses or letters on your behalf;
  4. Read and interpret legal documentation for you.

Advisory Contacts

If you would like to request resources to be developed on a particular area, or have a compliance-related question that is not addressed in our resources, please feel free to contact the Advisory Team, at

Email: advisory@reinz.co.nz
Phone: 09 359 5456


 General Information Sheets and Best Practice Guides

Download our current compliance guides

  Last Updated
Anti-competitive Conduct February 2018
Conjunctional Arrangement July 2018
Dealing with the Real Estate Authority March 2018
Door Knocking or Cold Calling Prospective Clients June 2018
Earthquake-Affected Properties June 2019
Electronic Signatures October 2017
Gifts and Secret Commissions Act September 2016
TEMPLATE - Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 April 2016
Multiple Offer January 2018
On-sales June 2015
Property Information Packs November 2012
Unfair Contract Terms February 2015
Written Appraisals June 2017

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Disclosure Supervision
Dispute Resolution Tender
Enduring Powers of Attorney Unit Titles
Engaging a Salesperson Useful Clauses
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REINZ Codes of Practice

  Last Updated  
Code of Agency Practice November 2017  Download
Code of Practice Individual Membership November 2017  Download
Code of Practice for Residential Property Management November 2017  Download
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Advertising and Marketing

  Last Updated  
Advertising Guide January 2017  Download
Drones and Aerial Photography November 2017  Download
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Anti-Money Laundering

  Last Updated  
Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act (AML/CFT) Information Sheet July 2018  Download
Information Flyer for Vendors and Purchasers (re real estate agent obligations) July 2018  Download
Information Flyer for Vendors and Purchasers (re lawyer’s obligations) July 2018  Download
Information Flyer for Vendors and Purchasers (re lawyer’s obligations) - Simplified Chinese July 2018  Download
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  Last Updated  
Auction Guide April 2014  Download
Pre-Auction Offers July 2017  Download
Pre-auction offers Template 2013  Download
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Deposits and Trust Accounts

  Last Updated  
Release of the Deposit – Non-Unit Titles March 2014  Download
Release of the Deposit – Unit Titles July 2017  Download
Third Party Trust Account March 2014  Download
Auditor Notification Letter Template 2013  Download
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Dispute Resolution

  Last Updated  
Dispute Resolution Process April 2014  Download
Commission Disputes July 2013  Download
Cancellation Flowchart July 2013  Download
In-house Complaints / Dispute Procedures January 2014  Download
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  Last Updated  
Disclosing Weather Tightness Issues February 2012  Download
Disclosure of Financial Benefit (Template & Guide) May 2013  Download
Form 2 Template: - Client Consent for Licensee Acquiring Property October 2016  Download
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Enduring Powers of Attorney

  Last Updated  
Signing of Agreements by Attorneys December 2017  Download
Template - Certificate of non-revocation – Enduring Power of Attorney December 2017  Download
Template - Certificate of non-revocation – General Power of Attorney December 2017  Download
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Engaging a Salesperson

  Last Updated  
Salesperson Agreement for Services Template July 2016 Word | PDF
Salesperson Agreement for Services User Guide April 2015 Download
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GST and Tax

  Last Updated  
Bright-line Test March 2018  Download
Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) November 2016  Download
GST and Compulsory Zero-Rating May 2018  Download
Residential Land Withholding Tax June 2018  Download
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Overseas Investment Act

  Last Updated  
Overseas Investment Act 2005 Information Sheet September 2018  Download
Overseas Investment Act 2005 Information Sheet - Advertising Farm Land August 2019  Download
OIO flyer for vendor and purchasers October 2018  Download
OIO Investing in NZ flyer for vendors and purchasers October 2018  Download
Residential Land Statement (s51 OIA) October 2018  Download
Purchaser Acknowledgement Form October 2018  Download
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  Last Updated  
Privacy Bill Information Sheet August 2019  Download
Use and Disclosure of Sales Information July 2018  Download
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Residential Agency Agreements

  Last Updated  
Agency Agreement Template 2016 Download
Property Description Template July 2014 Word | PDF
Agency Agreement Template - Cancellation March 2015 Download
Agency Agreement Template - Renewal October 2014 Download
Agency Agreement Information Sheet July 2014 Download
Buyers Agency Agreement Template April 2015 Word | PDF
Rural Clause for standard Agency Agreement 2016 Download
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  Last Updated  
Mycoplasma Bovis July 2018  Download
Fonterra’s Trading Among Farmers Scheme July 2018  Download
REINZ Guide for Buyers and Sellers of a Dairy Farm July 2018  Download
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Selling Businesses

  Last Updated  
Business Agency Agreement Template May 2018  Download
User Guide for Business Agency Agreement Template May 2018  Download
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  Last Updated  
Supervising New Salespersons March 2015  Download
Supervision March 2018  Download
Supervision Plan Template March 2018  Download
Supervision Session Record Template March 2018  Download
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  Last Updated  
Tender October 2013  Download
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Unit Titles

  Last Updated  
Unit Titles Act 2010 August 2015  Download
Form 18 Template: - Pre-Contract Disclosure Statement 2010  Download
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Useful Clauses

  Last Updated  
Useful Clause Book - Residential 2018   Download
Useful Clause Book - Residential with Tracked Changes 2018   Download
Useful Clause Book - Business 2012  Download
Additional Clauses - Business 2017  View More
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