A Identifying a Member

The REINZ Designations

REINZ members make up over 90% of the residential property market in New Zealand, with individuals and agencies from Cape Reinga to the Bluff. All members of the Real Estate Institute are held to a high level of professional excellence through the 'REINZ Code of Practice'. As such when dealing with a REINZ member, you know you are working with a highly trained and professional property marketer.

REINZ agency membership can be identified through a member designation to all offices. The mark of MREINZ has been granted by the Institute for 100 years. When looking for someone to rent or sell your house, investment property or business, ensure you work with a registered Member of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand. Salespeople may not use the MREINZ designation which is only applied to a company.

In addition to agency membership, some individuals have applied, been vetted and then granted a status among our members for years of dedicated service and/or expertise in the industry. These individuals can be identified as Associates of the Institute, Fellows of the Institute or Life Members, a rare special category given out to less than 100 people in 100 years.


MREINZ designates an Agency that is a member of REINZ and may be used by an Agency or Company.

AREINZ – for an Associate member.

FREINZ – for a Fellow member.

REINZ Life Member – for a Life Member.

REINZ Retired Member - "Retired Member”.

REINZ Honorary Retired Member “Honorary Retired”.