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REINZ is a part owner of realestate.co.nz and we work closely together on industry related matters.

realestate.co.nz is your trusted industry owned property website, providing the most cost effective channel for you to advertise your listings online. A dedicated property environment, realestate.co.nz is committed to driving genuine and engaged buyers to your listings. Being all things property, realestate.co.nz operates across all sectors of the real estate industry – residential, commercial, farms, rentals and business. Used by over 1,300 real estate offices in New Zealand, the agent profiling tools available on realestate.co.nz enable agents to demonstrate to vendors their activity in the marketplace, whilst making it easy to connect with them and link through to their social media channels.

Considered by serious buyers as the smart choice for their property search, realestate.co.nz offers the most comprehensive selection of property from licensed real estate professionals in New Zealand. 97% of all listings currently marketed are featured across the numerous realestate.co.nz websites. What’s more, realestate.co.nz has 28% more residential listings than our nearest competitor With a rapidly growing monthly audience of property hunters, traffic continues to increase at an exponential rate with a 48% year on year increase.

realestate.co.nz has more engaged buyers and email enquiries continue to increase by an average of 117% year on year across all their property websites. The immediate upside for listings on realestate.co.nz are in the premium advertising opportunities, providing more leads per dollar spent from qualified buyers. realestate.co.nz  have a range of comprehensive online marketing tools available for agents to utilise across all property types. realestate.co.nz is committed to providing the most valued method to connect people to real estate.

The App

The realestate.co.nz app is rated New Zealand’s number one property application, reflective of the technology‚Äźenabled experience the portal provides. With an underlying emphasis on integrity of search data, realestate.co.nz ensures your listings are put in front of the correct people and in turn bring you more qualified and better leads. Furthermore, realestate.co.nz is not just a listings website. They are a comprehensive and timely source of information.

The New Zealand Property report is released on a monthly basis and addresses the state of property market in New Zealand. To find out more, visit this link.

Established in 2005, realestate.co.nz was founded upon the need for a protective organisation in the market and has since progressed to being the number one real estate portal in New Zealand.

To find out more about realestate.co.nz, you can contact the team at info@realestate.co.nz or alternatively call Ph: 0800 732 536.